Sinead O’Sullivan

Director of Customer Success

Sinead graduated from Mount Holyoke College in May 2021, where she was a four-year varsity athlete and worked in the office of admissions in multiple capacities. She first worked as an Equestrian Fellow, helping handle recruitment efforts for their three nationally-ranked teams, and then moved into her role as a senior Admission Ambassador, doing prospective student interviews and info sessions. Through this, she developed a strong understanding of how vital it can be for Admissions and Athletics to communicate smoothly. Sinead is passionate about collegiate athletics because she knows first-hand the impact it can have on the student experience. Coming with a background in a more unique sport, Sinead values helping coaches customize the system to best fit their individual needs. Outside of ARI, Sinead loves hiking with her foster pups, biking, backpacking, traveling, and cooking. 

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