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Athletic Management CRM

Simply engage top talent, manage recruits and connect with your teams, all from one place
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Perfect for collegiate coaches and athletic departments, fit for any sport.

The Recruiting and Athletic Management CRM is a powerful but user-friendly tool of the ARI Athletics platform that provides everything you need to do your best recruiting and build great teams.

Spend less time in the office, more time coaching

We know the recruiting process can get jammed with paperwork and process. The ARI Athletics CRM simplifies every step of student-athlete recruiting and enrollment, so you can focus on what matters.

  • Customize the CRM to fit your team
  • Keep recruit information organized
  • Maintain one database across coaches
  • Track & evaluate ability and interest scores
  • Streamline your communication
  • Stay on top of recruitment status
  • Manage current team rosters
  • Make meaningful connections

Drive your relationships forward

Turn recruits into connections that last

Engage your top recruits

Connect with your team

Stay in touch with alumni

The Highlights

Best Fit Model

Track recruit ability and interest levels 

Easily evaluate your recruits as you engage with them and see them compete, so you can focus on your top picks and make the best decisions for your team.

Auto Groups

Manage your contacts and roster

Create groups with custom filters that help you organize and keep recruit and roster information maintained and up to date.

Individual and Mass Emailing

Build better connections

Correspond with individual contacts or send mass emails to your teams or larger groups like alumni with our easy-to-use email tool.

Email Plug-ins

Connect your Gmail or Outlook

Link your own email directly to your ARI Athletics account, so you can create new contacts right from your inbox and easily log and track conversations.

SMS Messenger

Connect with your recruits and share updates with your team by sending both mass and individual SMS and MMS text messages directly from your ARI Athletics account.

Mobile App

Recruit from anywhere

Keep things moving with on-the-go access to all the features of your ARI Athletics account in our app for Android or iOS devices. Record athletic ability scores and log interest levels while scouting.

Connect more easily with admissions

Avoid the hassle of manually connecting with admissions to get info you need on your recruits. We offer a seamless integration to Slate that bridges the gap between athletics and admissions.

Streamline enrollment
Streamline enrollment
Prevent disruptions
Prevent disruptions
Keep recruits engaged
Keep recruits engaged


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