SEATTLE, May 11, 2021, ARI Recruiting, the developer of ARI, an innovative sports recruiting platform that uses artificial intelligence to save higher education coaches time and improve results, today announced a new collaboration with the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA).

ARI Recruiting is now designated as the official sports recruiting platform for CRCA. Under the terms of the arrangement, ARI Recruiting will cover a coach’s CRCA membership dues for the first year when they implement ARI. CRCA members will gain immediate cost savings and the ability to leverage ARI’s capabilities to streamline and improve athlete recruitment.

“Our collaboration with CRCA provides a fantastic partnership for women’s rowing coaches,” said Mark Giganti, COO of ARI Recruiting. “We believe in the value of association membership for the benefits provided for community building, shared learning, and skill development. We’re happy to support CRCA by making ARI cost effective, saving coaches time and money.”

“We’re very excited to add ARI Recruiting to our list of partners with the CRCA,” said Madeline Davis Tully, CRCA President. “We’ve spent many hours getting to know the product, and more importantly, the people at ARI Recruiting, and we feel it’s a great fit between the two organizations. I’m looking forward to developing this relationship as both organizations grow together.”

Coaches can learn more about the partnership and ARI Recruiting’s payment of annual CRCA membership by scheduling a 15-minute demo at

About ARI Recruiting

ARI Recruiting is the developer of ARI, an innovative sports recruiting platform that uses artificial intelligence and real-time access to data to save higher ed coaches time and make their lives easier. ARI helps organize rosters and set recruitment pipelines, analyze recruits’ interest and athletic ability, and engage prospects and parents with personalized campaigns. ARI’s Slate integration lets athletics and admissions share data seamlessly to enable superior collaboration and decision-making, while ensuring data encryption and privacy and an adherence to accessibility requirements.

About CRCA

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) is the official coaches’ association for collegiate women’s rowing. CRCA exists to unify collegiate women’s rowing coaches, to act as a collective voice, and to inform collegiate women’s rowing coaches on issues related to rowing.

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