ARI Recruiting is excited to announce a large batch of new features and feature updates for users, including a handful of features and updates based directly on feedback from our ARI Recruiting family!


  • All manual groups have been transitioned into auto groups through the creation of tags (please reach out to your customer success manager if you have questions or need assistance utilizing this new group format)
  • Group information removed from imports, athlete profiles and elsewhere
  • Ability to transfer groups to a new ‘owner’ when the group owner is dismissed
  • Tag manager updated with an unlimited palette of colors and the ability to input color hex codes to your perfect shade of school color (or a nice pink [#ed2b74])

  • Tags are now displayed in order of usage with the most used tag on the top


  • Addition of guardian as an associated contact for recruits and student-athletes, including guardian options in mass messaging and questionnaires

  • Changing of mini-cogs to pencils to denote editable items (ex. tags and stages


  • Ability to relabel standard positions (ex. use ‘wideout’ rather than WR for wide receiver), this new label shows up on questionnaires, imports and exports
  • Ability to hide standard positions (ex. if a soccer coach does not utilize a sweeper or plan to, they are able to hide ‘sweeper’ as a position option)

  • Libero has been added as a standard position for volleyball

⛳️ AND MORE… ⛳️

  • Leap Day birthdays are now set to show on February 28 in non-Leap Years
  • Users can now filter based on evaluation titles
  • The ability to search by email address in the search bar has been added
  • Additional updates for admin, ARI Athletic Forms and more than a handful of updates with ARI’s web services integration with Slate

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