🚀 December Release 🚀

We have an action-packed release full of updates and new features in Athlete Profiles, Email, Exports, Groups and Roster Grid. Plus, updates for our Slate Integration between admissions and athletics!


  • Skill log titles have been redesigned to make it easier to hover over a title and see the full description of what you’re looking for in a prospective student-athlete


  • The addition of ‘total number of athletes’ added to the top of the recruit grid, improves the visibility for coaches on the overall roster grid and within auto groups

  • Improved bulk update feature for ‘blank-out’ fields, which now includes a confirmation screen to avoid accidental ‘blank-outs’


  • Users will no longer be able to create manual groups, with the new group function pushing users to utilize auto groups
  • Groups are required to have a name before a user can create an auto group in the ARI Recruiting platform

  • Additionally, a filter has been added for zip codes


  • Complete redesign of the questionnaire builder, which allows the user to see their questionnaire as they build it directly in the ARI Recruiting platform

  • Additional functionality for users to request video from recruits on their questionnaire


  • The unsubscribe link in mass messaging has been moved below the user’s signature


  • Added text to the export fly-out to give users information about their export and where they can access the export file
  • Users will receive a notification that the export has been initiated


  • We’ve released a bunch of new updates for our Slate Integrations between athletics and admissions
  • For coaches, a noticeable update is that a recruit created from Slate will be marked as ‘Unassigned’ under the ARI ‘Responsible’ field

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