I’m 24. I’d consider myself young.

Three weeks ago, I was sitting with my little sister, who is three years younger than I am. I told her that I had changed my profile picture on Facebook, and she scoffed, saying, “No one uses Facebook anymore.” I made the argument that people do, in fact, still use Facebook but her rebuttal? “You’re just old,” and in the same breath of air, she asked why I never Snapchat her back.

Three days ago, I was at my family friend’s house. Their daughter Kendal, who is six years younger than I am, just committed to USC. She doesn’t know anyone going, so I told her she should post in a USC Roommates Facebook group, which is how I found my roommate only seven years ago. Without looking up from her phone, she showed me the Instagram page used for the USC incoming freshman to post and find their roommates.

My point? Technology is always changing.

Coaches, I encourage you to talk with your current athletes. Ask your freshmen how they use technology.

Do they text? Snapchat? Instagram DM?

Ask them what caught their attention when looking at different schools. Was it your Instagram page? Was it that you texted them?

Ask them what apps they are using, and how you can use those to recruit. New apps come out every day… some stick, some don’t. You want to be knowledgeable and in the know about the best way to reach and attract your prospective student-athletes.

You interact with individuals every day who can provide the best insight, so let your athletes shed some light.

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