Audible. I have always loved reading but as my family and work responsibilities have grown, I have found myself with less and less time to read. About ten years ago, I found Audible and never looked back. Currently, I have almost 500 books in my Audible library, and I listen every single day. Listening to books allows me to get everything done (cue multitasking) that I need to get done while still enjoying everything from thrillers to self-help books.

TickTick. The name of this app sounds silly, but it is probably the app that I use the most… my task management app. Just like you, my life is busy. Between work and my family of six, my days are packed with tasks and activities. This app helps me keep all of my tasks (home or work) organized, in order, and with me at all times. My favorite feature is the ability to “schedule” my tasks through an in-app calendar, so each morning I can quickly organize everything I need to do around my meetings and events. Check out TickTick here.

Calendars. My calendars and TickTick go hand and hand and keep my life on track. My personal/family calendar is Google, and my work calendar is Microsoft. To keep everything organized, I have subscribed my personal calendar to Outlook. This way I can see everything in one place, and I do not accidentally schedule a work appointment when one of my children has an orthodontia appointment.

1Password. I wrote an entire blog post [link post here] about why I think password managers are a good idea, so it won’t be a surprise that I use mine all of the time. Any time I need to access an application on my computer or phone, I use this app. Check out 1Password. Check out 1Password here.

Adobe Scan. The fact that I use this app every day may surprise some people, but I have a love/hate relationship with paper. I love to write things down…it is how my brain processes, but I hate having papers lying around. Enter Adobe Scan…throughout the day, I quickly scan meeting notes, school papers, and bills. The scans are crisp and clear, and the sharing options allow me to quickly load into my work or personal cloud libraries. Best of both worlds.

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