New Look

A redesign of our athlete/recruit bio pages provides a clean new look by placing bio group headers in a separate column to allow for quick navigation between personal info and academic info, along with other categories.​

O Canada 🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦

The country list has been rearranged to now feature the United States and Canada atop the list, followed by the rest of the world listed alphabetically.

With this change, the ‘State’ field has been restructured to allow for Canadian provinces and territories. When you select Canada as the country, the list of states will switch over to the 10 Canadian provinces and three territories. ​

More, More, More!

Multi-sport athletes can now be easily identified in the header while maintaining separate profiles from sport-to-sport.

Rowing positions have been standardized, club coach fields streamlined and more!


Star rating is now a bulk update feature, making it easy to rate an outstanding offensive line or midfield as five-star all at once.

And now, bulk update searching is easier than ever.​


The @ symbol is now prepopulated for Twitter in the questionnaire and creating a file request has become easier by adding a file field automatically to your form when you create a file request.

Coaches can now change their form URL name in settings and hidden profile fields will no longer appear as options for the questionnaire.


Replies logged through our Gmail or Outlook add-ins will now properly adjust interest scores and individual email bounces are now identified, so you’ll know if a recruit is missing out.

Email templates have been updated so you can send messages directly from the template, while the template drop-down has been improved to list templates alphabetically and allow for a search of templates.



Additional filter options have been added, so you can now filter by last evaluation and who on your staff performed an evaluation.


Associated contacts (ex. parents/guardians) can now be created without first or last name.

Positions may no longer be created on import, meaning positions must be created within your ARI system before import mapping.


When a note notification is sent, clicking on the notification will now take the user directly to the note.

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