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Protect your sending reputation and ensure CAN-SPAM Act compliance by adding the new Unsubscribe Link to your mass emails.

Recipients who click unsubscribe will be marked Do Not Disturb.  They will be excluded from all Bulk Emails, but can still be emailed directly.

Unsubscribe factors into Interest Scoring, drastically reducing the value.

Message Draft
Save any email as a draft to complete and send later.

Bulk Messaging

Filter Recipients by Response
Filter Bulk Message recipients based on if they opened, clicked the message and view within the roster to use bulk actions.​

Search & Sort
Search Bulk Messages to find a specific message.

Sort by sender, time sent, open rate, click rate and number of recipients.

Scheduled Bulk Messages
Scheduled Bulk Messages can now be found within their own dedicated section.

Email Composer

CC and BCC to add additional recipients to an email message.​

Preferred Name Placeholder
The Preferred Name placeholder will automatically fill the recipient First Name if there is no Preferred Name set.

Recipient Selection
Recipient Selection has been completely updated.

When selecting email recipients from the dropdown, the name, photo and email of the contact is shown.​

Analytics 📈

Interest Score:  Email Response Activities
Interest Score has been updated to include email responses.  Responses stack and each is only counted once per email.

( i.e. opening an email 100 times does not increase the Interest Score 100 times.  Opening and clicking an email counts both to the score.)

New Activities:

  • Email Open
  • Email Click
  • Email Reply
  • Email Unsubscribe

Recruit Open Rate
Open rates are now available for each recruit, athlete and contact to see how effective your email channel is on the individual.

Bulk Message Analytics
Bulk Message metrics have been redesigned with sorting control and increased visibility.

Extras 🎁


Accept All
Shortcut added to accept all Inbound Forms.

Customize Form Header
Customize the questionnaire header to greet prospects and provide instructions on how to apply.


Sort Order
Added ability to change sort order of notes.

Sharing On by Default
Note team sharing is now ON by default.


Search Tags
Ability to search tags when added to record profile.

Social Links
Social links are more easily accessible within profiles.

Bugs & Fixes
Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Thank you to all our customers for their feedback and ideas that keep making ARI better and better. If you have an idea for a new feature or improvement please contact or schedule a meeting on our website

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