SEATTLE, May 11, 2021, ARI Recruiting, an innovative sports recruiting tool that uses artificial intelligence to save higher education coaches time and improve results, today announced a new sweet collaboration with Insomnia Cookies.

Sweet. The word is an indelible part of sports…the Sweet 16, a sweet victory, a sweet play, the sweet spot for a swing. Sweet Caroline at Pitt, Penn State, Carolina Panthers, and Boston Red Sox games. Sweet Home Alabama for ‘Bama games, and Sweet Georgia Brown for the Harlem Globetrotters. And now, ARI Recruiting-affiliated sports coaches may be the beneficiary of something “sweet” from Insomnia Cookies.

“Our Sales and Customer Success teams can now send ARI Recruiting-branded Insomnia Cookies to coaches we’re working with to streamline and improve athlete recruitment,” said Mark Giganti, COO of ARI Recruiting. “It’s our way of saying thank you and sweetening a coach’s world. As we like to say, ignore that diet and dig in. No one is watching.”

“We’re happy to be working with ARI Recruiting on this innovative collaboration,” says Tim Walls, Director of Sales at Insomnia Cookies. “Our cookies are often used to brighten people’s days, so I think the coaches getting the cookies will enjoy the SWEET surprise.”

To learn more about how ARI Recruiting can help your recruitment efforts, visit our website at A 15-minute demo may just sweeten your world.

About ARI Recruiting

ARI Recruiting, is an innovative sports recruiting tool that uses artificial intelligence and real-time access to data to save higher ed coaches time and make their lives easier. ARI Recruiting helps organize rosters and set recruitment pipelines, analyze recruits’ interest and athletic ability, and engage prospects and parents with personalized campaigns. ARI Recruiting’s Slate integration lets athletics and admissions share data seamlessly to enable superior collaboration and decision-making, while ensuring data encryption and privacy and an adherence to accessibility requirements. The result is better and faster decision making.

About Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is a rapidly expanding late-night bakery concept headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY. Founded in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room by then-student Seth Berkowitz, Insomnia Cookies has been feeding the insatiable hunger of loyal Insomniacs since 2003. Today, with more than 190 locations nationwide and growing, Insomnia Cookies offers a wide variety of delicious cookies and sweet treats in-store, and through local delivery and nationwide shipping.


Luke Lechner, ARI Recruiting

(828) 777-7818

SOURCE: ARI Recruiting

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